When A Giant, Freaky-Looking Bird Lands On You, It’s Best To Just Go With It ????

When you think of a bird landing on your hand, you picture something small and cute. Maybe a parakeet or a goldfinch. Twitter user @ilovenicegrass had a completely different experience with her run in with an unexpectedly ominous bird. While inside of the Sugarcreek Bird Sanctuary in Bellbrook, OH marveling at the tropical wonders and other winged creatures, a large black bird landed on her head, as if marking her for death.

As terrifying as the large black bird may appear, it’s actually a palm cockatoo, a species known for its smoky-gray or black feathers. Part of the cockatoo family, the palm is indigenous to the Aru Islands, Cape York Peninsula, and New Guinea. But let’s, for a moment, forget that it’s a magnificent form of avian life and remember that, at first glance, it’s a giant, freaky-looking black bird that is clearly on the prowl for somebody’s soul.

As some suggest, it’s not a cockatoo that landed on her head, but a prehistoric, extinct avian reptile.

The general reaction to the video hasn’t disappointed, with people chiming in with their own takes on the encounter. Where one person cleverly references The Wizard of Oz, others are less accepting of the thought of the large bird landing on their heads. 


Then there are the bravest of boyfriends who’d willingly step away and let the bird take its prey.

At the end of the day, @ilovenicegrass took the most positive spin on her dark and ominous visitor.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable