Little Boy’s Reaction To His Dentist’s Magic Tricks Is Honestly Too Pure 😍

A little boy’s adorable reaction to a dentist’s magic tricks has taken social media to its happy place.   

Eyal Simchi DMD at Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, is charming his patients and the rest of us as well. In ahe viral video, Simchi is shown doing magic tricks for a small child who watches with pure joy. The video has received over 11 million views on Facebook. It seems watching the boy’s joy, is giving the world some much needed joy. 

Not only does Dr. Simchi perform magic, he also has kids singing in the chair while having their teeth worked on. Actually, that is a kind of magic too!

Or finding a bird on the dentist’s nose. 

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never spend a day doing work. We think Dr. Simchi has nailed it. Roar!

H/T:  Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry