50 Years After His TV Debut, People Reflect On The Lessons They Learned From Mister Rogers

If you can believe it, it’s been 50 years since the sweater-wearing, soft-voiced persona of Mr. Rogers first graced televisions across the country. Since 1968, Fred Rogers delighted viewers with his positive affirmations, trips to the “Land of Make Believe,” and a constantly sunny disposition. When you watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, you walked away with a new perspective on the day, and for the 50th anniversary, people are looking back at the values they picked up from the show’s 912-episode run.

Using the hashtag #ThingsILearnedFromMrRogers, Twitter users piped up with the vast array of things they walked away with thanks to the mild-mannered host. While there are plenty of references to Mr. Rogers’ staple cardigan and his choice of footwear, there were also some heartfelt and real lessons learned.

Kind of. As with any viral Twitter hashtag, #ThingsILearnedFromMrRogers turned into a host of responses that range from chuckle-worthy to side-splitting. Amidst the real life lessons that people shared – and that we’ll get to in a moment – were gems like “It’s okay to have imaginary friends” and “The Land of Make Believe can be a creepy place,” along with some other quirky nuggets.

The hashtag was the perfect opportunity to also point out Fred Rogers quirkier encounters, like when he was taught how to breakdance and met up with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Ensuring that the hashtag wasn’t completely derailed, people really did have plenty to say about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and the lessons it bestowed on its viewers. From simply treating one another right to learning to live and love yourself, there was no shortage of good advice given from the man in the cardigan.

Finally, there’s this anecdote that everyone should live by.