‘Breaking Bad’ Star Dean Norris Sent Out A Cryptic Tweet—And The Twitterverse Happily Responded

Actor, Dean Norris, most well known for playing DEA agent Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad, sent out the most interesting tweet to his followers. 

Of course we have all been there. You mean to do one thing on social media, make the wrong click, and end up embarrassing yourself in front of the whole world. That has happened to everyone, right? Okay, well maybe it just happens to us older folks who didn’t grow up with the internet. 

One can only assume that Norris was searching for a “sexy gif” and hit post by mistake. This only led to more questions. Who was supposed to be the recipients of the sexy gif? 

Twitter needed to know. 

Fame can be lonely perhaps the actor was reaching out with a request, and Twitter was only too happy to oblige. 

We may never know the answer, but the tweet has been up for two days, so clearly Norris is amused. 

H/T: Twitter Moments