List Of Popular Baby Names Reveals Just How Much New Parents Love Marvel Superheroes


The results are in and, believe it or not, people love Marvel Superheroes. Okay, maybe you could just figure that out by looking at box office numbers, but a recent trend in baby naming has further solidified superhero love.


According to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s data on the 1,000 most popular baby names of 2017, Marvel characters are among some of the most popular. There are some relatively normal sounding names like Parker, Wad, and Natasha that may not be inspired by the Marvel Universe at all – but then there are the undeniable monikers ripped straight from the comic books and movies.


The data revealed that a total of 50 kids born in 2017 were named Marvel. That’s 50 kids that are predetermined to grow up into rebellious, DC-loving teenagers. While you’d think that’s the worst of it, there were nine female and 28 male newborns named after the Guardians of the Galaxy raccoon hero, Rocket. 


Other names pulled from the Guardians of the Galaxy series include Quill, which was bestowed upon 20 kids, Drax, assigned to 11 boys, and even Nebula, which ten girls get to walk around explaining for the rest of their lives.


Fandom can drive people to do some crazy things, but naming your baby on a character may be among the craziest. This isn’t the first craze to find its way into the delivery room, either. In 2014, Game of Thrones characters started to pop up on the Social Security Administration’s radar, and it’s a lot harder to say the show didn’t directly inspire them . Among the more popular Game of Thrones names were Khaleesi, Theon, and Tyrion.


Of all of the names doled out to children from any cinematic, television, or comic book universe, the most horrible has to be Hawkeye. Outside of being a really weird name once you leave Native American reservations, Hawkeye doesn’t even have powers. And completely missed out on the fight against Thanos. And spent most of the first Avengers brainwashed and fighting for Loki.


Loki, by the way, was among one of the more popular names that popped up on the 1,000 most popular baby names of 2017. Problem is it’s impossible to distinguish if it was due to a love of Marvel or Norse mythology.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter