Bertolli Forced To Pay Up For Misrepresenting Their Olive Oil–And You Could Get Some Money From It

If you like cooking at all, you may be in luck. Bertolli is paying out $7 million as part of a lawsuit because its products were incorrectly labeled as “imported from Italy” and “extra virgin,” according to WFAA. 

In order to get money from the lawsuit, you need to have purchased extra virgin olive oil between May 23, 2010, and April 16, 2018, or Bertolli Classico or extra light olive oil between May 23, 2010, and December 30, 2015. Click here to submit a claim. 

At this point, it’s unclear how much each person would make from the proposed lawsuit. The company’s press release states that each payment would likely run between 75 cents and $8.75 per bottle. The settlements will depend on the type of product, according to WTHR.

The outlet writes, “Without proof of purchase, you can make a maximum of five claims and receive a maximum of $25. If you have itemized receipts of purchases, there is no maximum number of claims you can file.”

Deoleo USA is the company that makes Bertolli olive oil. As part of the settlement, according to Journal News, they have agreed to change their packaging. A portion of the settlement reads, “Due to this litigation, Deoleo has already removed the phrase ‘Imported from Italy’ from its products and has agreed to refrain from using similar phrases, such as ‘Made in Italy,’ unless the oil is entirely from olives grown and pressed in Italy.”

The company has, however, denied any wrongdoing. 

H/T: Journal News, WFAA