‘This Is Not Your F*cking Country,’ Racist Woman Taunts As She Makes ‘Asian’ Face

While driving the speed limit down a Fremont, CA road over the weekend, Korean-American Air Force Reserve member James Ahn got a taste of the “real America” when a woman pulled alongside him and hollered, “This is not your fucking country.”

Ahn posted the video to Facebook:

It didn’t take long for Internet sleuths to identify the offender as Suraya Entezam.

And ironically, turns out she’s an immigrant herself:

Regarding the incident, Ahn states, “As I changed the lane, she kept driving towards my car gesturing to crush me and cutting in front of me to slam on the break. “I later realized that this was more like a hate crime than a road rage.”

What could have been a brief exchange of road rage turned into a racist attack as the woman pulled back her eyes, screaming “Oh my god, Chinese ugly.” Though Ahn went to the Fremont Police Department, as spokeswoman Geneva Bosques explained, there was little they could do.

“You could call this hate speech but as horrible as it is – and we clearly don’t condone any of it – it is protected by the First Amendment,” Bosques states. She also went on to reveal that Entezam claimed Ahn “started it” by telling her to “go back to her country.” 

According to Ahn, that never happened. “We didn’t say anything to her. She wouldn’t listen even if I said anything.”

Though the story could have ended with Fremont PD’s dismissal of the case, James Ahn allegedly created a Twitter account specifically to chide the California police department. In a series of tweets directed at Fremont’s law enforcement, he states, “Created the Twitter account to address your lack of response and spreading false information. You guys took hours and days to take my report by telling me that my feeling may be hurt but I didn’t end up with an accident or had any physical contact.”

Ahn goes on to ask, “Can any criminal simply say he/she did it first after hurting someone as long as there is no evidence? Did you even try to find any witness to determine who is telling the [truth]?”

While Ahn doesn’t feel he has the support of the police department, many on Twitter are backing him.

Including his Congressman:

Since her identity had been uncovered, the internet took to suggesting some drastic measures to ensure Entezam doesn’t get away with her overt racism. 

One idea: sending a K-pop star to her door, much like how New Yorkers sent a Mariachi band to Aaron Schlossberg after his racist rant.

Plenty of people have apparently made attempts to get her fired from the job she’s believed to have at Mostofi Consultant, but there has been no update on whether or not her employer has responded to the video.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter