Doctor Who Made Videos Dancing Over Patients’ Bodies During Procedures Now Slammed With Multiple Lawsuits

Dr. Windell Boutte AKA The Dancing Doctor who filmed and posted to YouTube numerous videos singing and dancing while performing surgeries in her Lilburn, Georgia office, is coming under fire as numerous malpractice lawsuits are filed.

Dr. Boutte, describes herself as board certified in both surgery and dermatology but it turns out that is only half true. The doctor is a board-certified dermatologist, but she is not a board-certified plastic surgeon or general surgeon. Other claims against Boutte range from not having proper staff, to working in an environment that is not an accredited operating room or licensed surgery center.

There have been at least seven lawsuits filed, including one by the family of a 53 year old woman who went into cardiac arrest while being operated on by Boutte. At the time, her office lacked crucial respiration equipment. When the ambulance arrived it took Boutte an additional 30 minutes to sew closed the woman’s tummy tuck opening and the paramedics had to carry the woman down a flight of stairs because the elevators were too small for a stretcher. 

The woman suffered permanent brain damage and will need care for the rest of her life. 

People have also been critical of Boutte decision to post the singing and dancing video’s without the consent of patients. Often patients backsides and exposed flesh can be seen while the doctor performs for the camera with a group of dancer/assistants in the background. 

It doesn’t appear any of the lawsuits are directly related to the singing and dancing. 

You can see a compilation of the dancing videos below. 

Although the lawsuits aren’t a direct result of the dancing, people still had some thoughts about it.

One Twitter user reiterated the importance of researching any doctor you visit. 

Some felt the doctor should be jailed. 

 According to her website, Dr. Boutte is “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon.”  We’re not so sure about that. 

H/T: WSBTV, Law & Crime