Older Gay Men Trying To Figure Out New Gay Slang Is Just Too Adorable

In what is bound to be one of the best videos of the year, Grindr has asked three older gay men about popular gay phrases used by LGBT youth today. 

After being asked about the phrase, “Beat for the gods,” one of the men asks if it means “one wild masturbation session.” Another pipes in, “I’ve never heard that expression before.” 

Then, upon being given the definition of “gayce”, one of the men asks, “What are the features of a gay man?” Bill says, “mascara, lip gloss,” and Robert jokes, “Smooth complexion.” And don’t worry, favorites like ‘werk’ and ‘yas qween’ pop up, too. 

People have been loving the video, and have taken to Twitter to voice their feelings on the adorable older men. One person wrote, “These older gay men trying to understand new gay slang is the best thing you’ll see today.”

Another added, “TGIF. In need of something cute? This is it!!!”

But the video isn’t only enlightening for the older men– they offer some wisdom to the younger gay generations, too. “You guys are watching too much RuPaul,” Bill quips at one point. Looking at a clip that had over 100,000 views, another said, “This is the kind of thing the Kardashians would sit around and do all afternoon.” 

H/T: Huffington Post