Plus Size Model Tess Holiday Slams App For Stealing Her Pictures And Slimming Them Down

Though there have been strides toward a more body-positive vibe in the beauty and media industries, it seems we still have a long way to go when it comes to women’s bodies and appearance. One app that’s setting the movement back is PIP CAM, and model Tess Holiday is none too happy about it. 

Taking to her Instagram account, Holiday blasted the app for not only using her photo without her permission, but for what the app actually does. For $0.99 customers can use the app to greatly distort their image to an unrealistic size with the movement of just two fingers. 

After seeing an ad for the app — shrinking her body — Holiday called out the product and their unlicensed use of her image. 

The plus-size model said:

An app that has nearly 50k downloads was dumb enough to steal photos of myself & two other plus size women & use them for this nonsense.  

I’m sharing this because I wanna address a few things. First of all, the fact that anyone thinks it’s ok to market this to ANYONE is appalling, but like, come on y’all ‍♀️ Secondly, why is @instagram not regulating the sponsored content like this? 

In a world of paid content, flat tummy teas, appetite suppressing lollipops (so many ) its important for me to tell y’all that I have & will never partner with a brand or do paid content unless I genuinely use it or would recommend it to my best friend. I’ve been offered crazy amounts of money to sell y’all all kinds of things like teeth whitening (that doesn’t work), weight loss products (that are dangerous), etc., but that’s me- to each their own ‍♀️

 Lastly never let anyone make you feel like you need to alter your appearance or who you are. You are enough. You are worthy of love in your current body, whatever that body looks like. 

As for this bogus app, my lawyers will be sliding in your DM’s boo✌ #effyourbeautystandards 

Fans were quick to praise Holiday for speaking out. 

What if?

H/T: Design TAXI