Teens Take Prom Photos At Whataburger Fast Food Joint And Now We’re Hungry And In Love

Besties Madison Hefner and Rance Henry took their love for all things Whataburger and incorporated the fast-food chain into their prom night. Hefner and Henry, who attend Magnolia High School stopped by a local Whataburger to snap a few photos before meeting friends. 

 Hefner told Inside Edition about the decision for the photo op:

It’s a super big hangout spot, the hub for our whole town. Everyone parks together and we hang out there for hours. We wanted it for the memories. It’s just the significance of the spot. 

Photographer, Sara Spada, posted the photos to Facebook.

Check out some of the shots!

But it was when Hefner posted the photos to Twitter things really took off. Hefner says:

I had no idea it would blow up like that. I tweeted it because it was cute.

Apparently, prom at Whataburger has been a thing for a while.  

Oh you wacky kids! 

H/T: Inside Edition