Anthropologie In Hot Water For Culturally Insensitive Tote Bag

Clothing retailer Anthropologie is in some hot water on Twitter after one of its tote bag designs was found to be using the design of a meaningful Palestinian scarf. 

The keffiyeh scarf has been around since the 1930’s, and represents a sense of Palestinian nationalism according to Complex.

The design is especially charged right now due to the escalated conflicts at the Israel-Palestine border, where dozens of Palestinians were recently killed during a protest prompted by President Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. 

The name of the bag, an “En Shalla Tapestry Tote Bag,” also appears to be a play on the phrase “Inshallah” which means “God willing” in Arabic. 

When the controversy broke, Anthropologie immediately removed the bag from stores and apologized, claiming the product was “sourced from a third party brand.” To be fair, that brand’s name is En Shallah, a company that “focuses on high end accessories blending North African art with modern fashionable ideas.” It seems this may have all been a mistake borne out of ignorance. 

Hopefully Anthropologie learns a lesson from the incident—always vet your products before putting them on the shelf!

H/T – Taxi, Teen Vogue