A Fan Just Recreated Tom Holland’s GQ Photoshoot To Near Perfection

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland scored a huge feature in GQ last year, which included a number of model pictures of him. This week, a fan recreated those photos to near-perfection.

The girl, Tori Bernal, who goes by @toribryanne on Instagram, posted the pictures to the ‘gram on Saturday. She wrote, “This is my version of fan art, I recreated @tomholland2013’s @britishgqphotoshoot. Please tag him below so he can see them ♥️ (Full version is on my Twitter, I couldn’t fit the 4th photo).” To date, the pictures have garnered over 33,000 likes.

Bernal isn’t yet ‘Insta-famous’, with about 10,000 followers, but her star-meter is certainly rising. The 19-year-old has over 1,500 subscribers to her Youtube channel, which you can check out here. 

Hundreds of people tagged Holland in the photos, and on Sunday, Bernal got her wish: she met the actor, and he told her he’d seen the pics.

Fans have been losing their minds over Bernal’s photos and their similarity to Holland’s GQ pics. On Saturday, one Twitter user wrote, “Bruhhhh this is so spot on! I’m shook!” Another wrote, “I’m already such a fan of people recreating Instagram posts but a freaking GQ PHOTOSHOOT?? How is that even possible, it’s so on point! The clothes, the locations, the lighting.”

H/T: Twitter, GQ