The Baby’s Face Swap With John C. Reilly Is Adorable Nightmare Fuel

John C. Reilly, star of Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, has one of the most recognizable faces and voices in Hollywood. If you put that face on a baby, however, it turns out his affable charm and off-kilter line delivery become even more adorable. Then, after a few moments, it’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen. Then, after a few moments, it’s cute again. YouTuber JoeGaudet posted a video of a Faceswap between his baby and Reilly, and even supplied a pretty good impression of the actor so viewers could get the full effect!

Some Twitter users were horrified!

Others were just reminded of Reilly’s movies.

In the video, Gaudet breaks out a pretty good Reilly impression, saying:

Wait, wait a second Dad. You don’t happen to know where my, my baba is do you?

If you like Reilly as a baby, be sure to catch him as an adult in this fall’s The Sisters Brothers!

And, of course, people are getting very excited for Reilly’s take on Dr. Watson in the upcoming comedy Holmes and Watson!

But I’m sure we’re all wondering it: who would be better in these roles—John C. Reilly, or baby John C. Reilly?

H/T – Mashable, YouTube