Cameraman Falls Into The Water During Live TV Segment—And Still Gets The Perfect Shot 😂

During a live segment for 8 News Now, a cameraman named Chris fell into the lake while filming. He didn’t let the fall faze him, though. Chris continued with the footage, and swiftly maneuvered himself so he could grab an artistic shot of the news anchor.

Afterwards, the anchors back at the studio joked that it was almost as if he’d planned it that way. “Wasn’t it the coolest shot!?” one anchor asked another. “He saved it! He could have gone in the water!”

Everyone was clearly impressed with Chris’s commitment to getting the shot. In the middle of the live feed, the reporter said, “We can tell the bosses that on electronics or cameras were injured in this live shot.”


And just as the reporters predicted, the shot has gone viral. One of Chris’s newfound fans tweeted, “Sometimes you get so into your work that you accidentally fall into a lake. It happens!   But if you’re a cameraman named Chris, you might just be skilled enough to recover and capture the…”

Action News Now also commended Chris’s efforts, tweeting, “Live TV can sometimes be… unexpected and one cameraman in #LasVegas handled the situation like a pro! Watch as he accidentally falls into the water.”

Chris may have gotten soaked, but at least he’s made some fans out of it!

H/T: Indy100, Twitter