Andy Richter’s Parrot Decided It Wants To Mate With His Dog During This Year’s Mating Season ️

Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien’s adored co-host, took to Twitter on May 27th to share a predicament. Not one he had, but rather his dog, Kiwi. 

As Richter explains, his parrot, affectionately named after the most delicious food in the world, goes through a two-week mating cycle. While Nacho typically latches onto Richter for this period of time, this year, he decided to have his affaire du coeur with the family’s disinterested dog, Kiwi.

While the Richter family dealt with an overly attached parrot, the world was given a look into this adorable union via Richter’s official Twitter page. The funnyman shared a series of images showing Nacho’s affection for Kiwi as the parrot rarely left the pooch’s side. 

While Kiwi seems indifferent to the situation, it’s undeniably cute. The parrot shows up everywhere the dog is, regardless of whether or not he’s getting any attention. 

Of course it didn’t take long for people to fall in love with the budding friendship.

Others have a little advice for Nacho and Richter, stating the parrot should “meet a girl parrot for a two week fling.”

Amidst the love story, you have your oversensitive internet users that really should take a break from being perpetually outraged.

And the occasional opinionated twitter user that got way too caught up on the naming of Richter’s pets.

If we get anything lasting out of this unusual union, let us hope it’s this image of Kiwi looking like she just realized why Nacho has been following her around all this time.

H/T: Twitter