There’s A Flower Nicknamed The ‘Naked Man’ Orchidā€”And It Looks Precisely Like Its Name šŸ˜®

The Orchis italica is a flower commonly referred to as the naked man orchid because, well, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a naked man.

Many people have suggested that images of the flower– which are going viral on social media– have been altered to resemble a small, naked human, but in fact, the pictures are real.

People have taken to twitter to comment on the flower’s resemblance to a human. One person wrote, “People thought the naked man orchid was fake? I blame the world we live in. Can’t tell what’s real or not anymore. Orchis italica, also known as the Italian orchid, it’s native to the Mediterranean, and funny as hell, LOL.”

Another had a more scientific explanation for the similarity. “If you consider that “Orchid” comes from theĀ ancient GreekĀ and means “testicle” (because of the shape of the tubers): than the name “Naked Man Orchid” is even more evocative. (By the way, the second part of the latin name means ‘Italian'”.)


Orchis italica is native to southwestern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. It is often found in dense clusters in the Mediterranean, in areas rich in soil and pine woodland. The species can grow to be 20 inches tall.

H/T: Twitter, PFAF, Hoax-Slayer