Google Translate Trolls Flat-Earthers Hard With Hidden Easter Egg

Here’s a fun little trick you can do at work while you’re not doing your job. 

In case you haven’t heard of The Flat Earth Society, they are a group of people who believe the earth is actually flat and, all proof to the contrary, is actually a NASA conspiracy. Of course no flat-earthers have ever simply flown a plane to the end of the earth and snapped a photo. Seems easy enough to prove. 

Now, Google is taking a swipe at flat-Earthers and you can too.  Go to Google Translate and type in “I am a flat earther” in English. Select French as the translation language and you will get, “Je suis un fou.”  

Now translate that back to English. 

You can’t blame the folks over at Google. It’s hard to not point and laugh at flat-Earthers. 

Most people saw the humor in the Easter egg. 

But a few didn’t see the humor at all. 

The joke only translates in French.  (Thought we would save you the trouble of trying every language. You know, so you can go back to work!)

In case anyone is confused: THE EARTH IS ROUND. 

H/T: Mashable