People Don’t Know What To Make Of This High Fashion T-Shirt With Another Shirt Attached

Fashion can be confusing. Take Crocs, for instance. Who approved the existence and popularity of those? Well, the unfashionable footwear can take a day off from criticism, because there’s a new high-fashion item that has people perplexed. French luxury fashion house Balenciaga has recently listed a new shirt that even the website’s model isn’t too sure about.

It’s a regular t-shirt with a plaid button down shirt sewn into its front. You’re probably not picturing how ridiculous that looks, so here. Here’s how ridiculous it looks.

Described as a “Striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options,” the “T-Shirt Shirt” is a versatile article of clothing if you don’t mind having one full article of clothing just dangling off your body. Also, if you don’t mind spending a lot. Because it retails for $1,290.

Luckily, there are two different styles, with one looking like it’s just a the breasts and sleeves of a button down sewn into a collared shirt. I guess it works for the man that can’t decide what he wants to wear? Or just doesn’t want people talking to him all day?

Don’t worry ladies, there’s a style for you, too!

Balenciaga confused everybody with the reveal of its attempt at starting a new trend, with the amazement torn between the “Double Shirt’s” extraordinary pricing and the fact that it’s a double shirt. 

Even Michael Rapaport took to Twitter to share his hilarious outrage, exclaiming in a video, “You will never catch me walking around looking like a fucking dickhead.”

Spotify’s senior editor Austin Darbo took a moment to point out the sheer ridiculousness of Balenciaga’s style with a suggestion for footwear that we absolutely expect some high-end designer to pick up on.

Maybe you like the T-shirt Shirt but can’t whip up over $1,000. The i-D official Twitter account has you covered with its own guide for making your own Balenciaga two-in-one-shirt. 

H/T: Twitter