Rudy Guiliani Gets Booed By Fans At Yankee Stadium—On His Birthday, No Less

New Yorkers were not feeling the birthday love for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani, showed up in the Bronx to attend his beloved Yankees game against the Houston Astros, but the crowd sent him a clear message that he wasn’t wanted. At the Memorial Day game, the announcer told the crowd over the loud speaker that it was Giuliani’s 74th birthday and was met with an extremely loud and clear round of boos. 

 It has been a hard fall for the former mayor, who after 9/11 was called America’s Mayor. Giuliani has always been a divisive figure with his excessively hard stance on crime, the gentrification of many of the city’s boroughs and turning New York  into a rich person’s playground where working class people can’t afford to survive. However, it was after joining the Trump Team and doing a round of media interviews attacking Robert Mueller, that Giuliani has risen to perhaps the second most hated man in America. His boss currently holds the number one position. 

What better moment than during the national past time, to let a man know how you feel with a Bronx cheer. 

There wasn’t much sympathy on Twitter. 

Perhaps this current administration should just stay away from sports stadiums. It isn’t working out so well, just as V.P Pence. 

H/T: Twitter Moments