Teen Surprised With New Car After Photo Of Him Taking The Bus To Graduation Goes Viral

Alabama teenager Corey Patrick took a bus to his high school’s graduation last week. The bus driver took a photo of Corey as he was walking to the bus stop, and the photo has since gone viral.

Speaking to CBS42, the bus driver, DeJuanna Beasley, said of taking the picture, “I did it to inspire people on my page. I didn’t do it because I knew him. I just did it because he got on my bus and I was inspired that he got on by himself and he was so determined to get it with no one backing him.”

The post, now viral, caught the attention of Rickey Smiley. And what did Smiley do to help out Corey Patrick? He bought him a car. That’s right- earlier this week, Smiley posted a photo of him standing with Patrick, commenting, “We did it!! We gave Corey Patrick a car of his own!!!!”

The heartwarming story has garnered plenty of praise over the past few days. One woman tweeted at Smiley, “hat’s how you do it fam!” Another said, “Such a great thing you did for this young man. This is how humankind should act, not with cruel words & actions but with compassionate hearts & kindness.””

H/T: CBS42, Twitter