Miss Peanut The Therapy Dog Got Her Own Yearbook Photo—And It’s Too Sweet

You spend hours in the morning trying to look perfect for your yearbook photo. It’s a process that leaves you uncomfortably overdressed for the entire day of school, but the payoff of being the cutest one in your class is worth it. When the book of memories is finally in your hands, you eagerly flip through pages, pointing out everybody else’s flaws until you see the competition you didn’t know you’d have.

She stares at you with those big brown eyes. That irresistibly kissable face. You can’t deny it – MIss Peanut the therapy dog has shown you up.

Miss Peanut isn’t your average dog. She’s the unknown school’s therapy dog and it’s thanks to Tinker Elle (@elle91) that we know this sweet pup was recognized for her service to the school.

As expected, people are falling in love with the very good girl.

While “therapy dog” may sound like a new concept, Miss Peanut is far from the only consoling canine out there. In fact, once her beautiful mug went viral, other Twitter users popped in with their school’s therapy dogs – most of which were also featured in yearbooks. 

The sharing of dogs in yearbooks also brought to light another great practice at some schools. More than just therapy dogs are finding their way into the class photos – individual student’s service animals are also being recognized.

As adorable as it is, there is no denying that these pups deserve the recognition for the service they offer. School shootings have started to feel commonplace in the United States that’s likely to cause an emotional weight and fears that earlier generations didn’t have to deal with. 

H/T: Twitter