Couple Surprises One Another By Both Proposing At The Same Time ❤️

Same sex couples might be proving a woman’s intuition is a real thing. Back in February, a couple in Texas surprised each other while proposing at the same time at family game night.  Now it seems it’s happened again. 

This time the happy couple, Becky McCabe and Jessa Gillaspie were at the Memphis Zoo, the location of their first date. As friends and family looked on,  McCabe got down on one knee and held out a ring box, but to her surprise, her girlfriend didn’t say yes right away. Instead she grabbed for her purse and as a confused McCabe looked on, Gillaspie pulled out a ring box of her own. 

McCabe, who has coined the couple McBabes, posted the video on Facebook and it immediately went viral. 

The couple has been overwhelmed by the positive response to the video. 

Maybe Becky and Jessa can meet up with Berkley and Tori and have a double proposal, double wedding. 

 We’d go to that!