Man Visits His Mom’s Grave Only To Find Out A Man With His Dad’s Name Is Buried Next To Her

People preplan burial plots so that they and their dearest beloved will be able to lay next to each other as their bodies decompose with time. It’s a sweet gesture that allows them to remain near one another for an eternity – or until a housing developer moves the cemetery. But there’s an unexpected problem with preplanning your burial, and 90-year-old Otha L. Smith and his son R. C. Smith discovered it the hard way.

While visiting his mother’s, Idell Smith’s, grave at Union Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI, R.C. Smith noticed something odd about his parents’ plots. His mother, who had died in 2003, seemed to be in the right place, but his father’s plot was occupied. Otha Smith was still very-much alive, though his plot had been planned at the time of Idell’s death.

“Someone’s in the grave that shouldn’t be in the grave,” R.C. Smith said in an interview with WISN. For a moment the mystery remained unsolved, but in speaking with cemetery management, the Smith family uncovered the truth: a different Otha L. Smith had been buried next to the matriarch.

“I’m not pleased with the gentleman laying next to my mom,” the younger Smith explained, especially after learning that Otha’s grave had been occupied since the middle of April. Union Cemetery management didn’t comment on how they plan on rectifying the mix-up, though manager Bill Hoffman did assure that they would be looking into how the the wrong Otha Smith wound up in the plot.

For now, Idell has to share the Earth with a stranger and 90-year-old Otha has to hope that he keeps on kicking while Union Cemetery finds a way to free his burial plot. 

As of Wednesday, the family of the interred Otha L. Smith had yet to be reached.

It may seem like an impossible scenario and considering the name of the interred and Smith’s father, one may surmise that this is a joke, but it is real. As the internet proves, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

H/T: Twitter, WISN