Melania Trump Just Tweeted For The First Time In Weeks—But Twitter Is Skeptical

People are going to really dwell on your health and safety if you’re in one of the most publicly strained marriages on the planet, especially if you’ve dropped out of the public eye for nearly a month. Well, folks, worry not! Melania Trump has resurfaced with an oddly deliberate tweet.

It’s so performative it feels like proof of life in a hostage situation. And the American public rose up to collectively issue a reply:

There’s a certain phrase that has turned up a whole lot recently, and anyway, Mel T’s account is run by White House staff.

Why on earth would she need to tell everybody that she’s “feeling great” and “working hard”? Did her boss suddenly appear in the doorway?

No one would have cared about Trump’s third wife if he’d stayed in entertainment, but we’re looking at someone using the power of the federal government to pardon his buddies and attack his detractors. His army of MAGA-hat trolls regularly issue floods of death threats against his critics. And this person is clearly, grievously disinterested in faithful marriage. How the heck do you maintain your boundaries against the pettiest, most powerful person in the world?

Still, there’s always the possibility that this is another kind of good news.

Be best, indeed. 

H/T: Huffington Post