NFL Player Helps A Stranger At The Airport From Missing Her Plane With A Simple Good Deed ❤

Airports have oodles of rules that aren’t really helping anyone, but here’s a humdinger you might not know: some airlines will not accept cash for purchases at certain counters. You know, that stuff that literally says, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE”? Airlines, man. They don’t care, and they don’t have to. But let’s have poor befuddled Delilah Cassidy pick up the story from there. 

Anybody willing to help out a total stranger with a not-insignificant purchase deserves some significant props, but it just so happened that our angel was a public figure with a dashing smile and the further willingness to pose for a selfie. 

It was comforting to see a random act of kindness that let someone get home, but this is a person with a ton of fans already – and they lined up for high fives.

As some were celebrating the Gresham’s kindness, others were venting about freakin’ airlines, man. 

Before you ask, Of course there were tons of people trolling Delilah for not knowing the airline policy and for being a big jerk and so on. Someone actually used the hashtag #femaleprivilege because Twitter is hell. But let’s try not to dwell on that – a gentleman with the means to help someone out of a real jam, and we would do well to follow his example. 

Class act. 

H/T: Twitter