That Impressive Viral Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquet Catch Is Actually From A Commercial

Have you ever watched something and thought: “Now, this is just too good to be true!” The internet was abuzz recently over a bouquet catch video that fit that billing perfectly and, as expected, it was too good to be true. 

In the brief video, a high-heel wearing bridesmaid makes an incredible catch of the bridal bouquet while another tumbles to the ground. If you think it looks familiar, you may be remembering that memorable catch made by New York Giants player, Odell Beckham, Jr. It’s no coincidence that Beckham’s and the bouquet catch look identical – the former was the inspiration for the 2016 Super Bowl Commercial that the latter was from.

That’s right. It was too good to be true. The thing is, not everybody knew that and, for some reason, the two-year-old commercial surface again to impress unsuspecting viewers. “Just an incredible athletic move. [H]ow did she know where that bouquet was when she had her head turned,” one Twitter user asks. 


Another simply points out the most impressive part of the catch by stating: “In heels.” 

Then there are those like Sports Illustrated staff writer Michael Beller that clearly remember the origins of the video and are somehow incredulous over people not recalling the two-year-old commercial. It’s not that ridiculous that people don’t remember. A lot has happened over two years that could cloud one’s memory of a solitary Buick commercial. 

The Checkdown, an official Twitter account of the NFL, made it pretty obvious that the video was staged by posting a side-by-side comparison, asking “Who did it better?” Still, some couldn’t read between the lines and were convinced this bridesmaid was adamant about catching that bouquet. 

Allan Bourdius (@UnrealAllan) sums up the entire situation quite nicely, capturing the disappointment that people must have felt once they realized it wasn’t real.

H/T: Twitter