Jake Paul Released a Diss Track Aimed At Teachers, And This Teacher Just Made A Clapback Video

Famous viner/YouTuber Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake released a track dissing all of his teachers, saying, “Why don’t you tell us some s**t that we’re actually going to use in our real lives?”

The video didn’t sit well with Matt Preston, a special education teacher at Hawley High School in Texas.

Preston said:

As soon as I heard his song, it was kind of instinct in me. I just knew I had to respond.

The video begins with Preston watching Paul’s video. And he picks apart the lyrics of Paul’s rap-tirade.

I don’t see Jake Paul in the hallway

I don’t see him in the stands at their ball games

But I’m here like everyday bro

So how you gonna diss me with that Disney Channel flow?


Even Jake’s older brother Logan stepped in to comment on the YouTube video.

We love M.A. Double!

H/T: Indy100