J.Crew Is Receiving Backlash From Conservatives For A Feminist Children’s Shirt

Oh, look. Something completely inoffensive that’s somehow offended someone. This time it’s J.Crew in the Conservative crosshairs for a child’s t-shirt that reads “I am a feminist too.” In case you’ve been in the dark, “feminism” and all of its forms are now dirty political terms.

In an Instagram post, J.Crew showcased the new boy’s t-shirt and was met with a massive backlash, with some comments, like that of billy.kukla, stating J.Crew “lost [their] business.” Elizabethalianted commented “Stop imposing children ideologies, let them think as a child and let them take their own decisions,” which, in a way, kind of sounds like they’d be okay if their child wasn’t for equal rights for women.

People are also calling out J.Crew for the “controversial” shirt on Twitter, including voices like former Sean Hannity producer Elisha Krauss, who plainly states, “Don’t make your children pawns in your political game.” She continues with “[M]y almost 5 yr old doesn’t even know what I do or who the president is. All she knows is that I talk to her “uncle @benshapiro.”

This tweet sparked a mini-debate on whether human rights movements such as feminism are political or not. When Dom Garrett, Coinme’s Director of Marketing, chimed in stating “You know that feminism is not political, right,” Elisha fired back with a GIF and nothing more.

Beyond Elisha, people have claimed J.Crew’s shirt “robs [children] of their childhood,” and forcing them to wear the shirt should be “considered a genuine form of child abuse.” Such statements are a special form of hypocrisy as Conservatives have come up just as guilty in forcing ideologies on their children. And the left side of the argument was more-than-happy to point that out.

The root of the argument, however, is whether or not feminism is a political movement. Once again, it comes down to the Liberal belief that it’s not and the Conservative belief that the Liberals made it into one. 

Once again we’re left with an unending argument incited over something as trivial and avoidable as a t-shirt. 

H/T: Instagram, Twitter