Mindy Kaling And Lena Dunham May Have The Answer To Save The Rest Of Roseanne

After ABC canceled the ‘Roseanne’ reboot this week, the question on many people’s minds was whether the Conners would be able to continue on without Roseanne. 

In what could be an interesting twist, viewers just may get the opportunity to see how the working class family moves on without mom and wife Roseanne Conner. 

What people may not know, is that it wasn’t actually Barr who was behind the reboot of the long running sitcom, it was Sara Gilbert, who plays daughter Darlene. Gilbert rallied the rest of the cast, and became the executive producer of the new show. She was the one with the vision to bring the often poverty stricken clan back on the air in the age of Trump. 

Which begs the question, is Roseanne’s voice even essential for the show to work? Many fans are saying, no. Even without Barr, there are some big talents on the show, including John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf who play Dan and Jackie. Let’s face it, the supporting players contributed many of the most iconic moments of the show.

So it should have come as no surprise that people started to ponder what Roseanne without Roseanne might look like.

Jimmy Kimmel suggested a show around Dan, while fans began circulating a mock up of a new show called  Jackie. With the reboot of the show doing great in ratings, and primed for a second season, it seems fans are willing to walk away from Barr but continue on with the Conners. 

Among those fans willing to help make that a reality?

Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project  and Lena Dunham of Girls:

Executive producers Gilbert and Tom Werner are said to be meeting with ABC this week to discuss options and the fate of the show. 

And people are here for it: 

People even started pitching ideas:

News travels fast these days, and now it seems the media is reporting there are talks around a Darlene centered show. 

Fans seem to be all about it. 

The drawback that concerned people is whether or not Barr would still profit. 

We will wait and see. It might be fun to watch Dan try and use SnapChat.

H/T: Elite Daily