Mark Hamill Did A ‘May The…” Tweet For Every Day In May And, Boy, Was He Committed

The OG Jedi Master, Mark Hamill, took it upon himself to spread “May the Fourth” joy all 31 days of May. Social Media first picked up on this holiday-of-sorts sometime around 2008. May 4th has since turned into “Star Wars Day” and has been officially celebrated in Disney Parks since 2013 (following their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise in 2012). As subsequent Star Wars films have been released, people have continued their festivities by quipping “Revenge of the Fifth” and “Revenge of the Sixth”. But this year, Hamill decided he wanted 31 full days of word-play fun.

May the Fourth still proved to be his most popular with 179K likes and 49K retweets. Fans responded with personal photos, original art and, of course, GIFs.

But May the 9th was a close second with 154K likes and 32K retweets. In it Hamill refers to the upcoming Star Wars installment, set to hit theaters in 2019, jokingly stating that he hopes it to “Be Perfect & Not Ruin Anyone’s Childhood”.

Some readers felt like his sentiments came too late.

While others showed their support of the films’ evolution.

Even Hamill’s least successful “May the…” tweet earned him 5.7K likes. My personal favorite? Well there are just too many too choose from. Thirty-one to be exact. See the full calendar and find your favorite here.