Political Reporter Breaks Down Why Trump Will Never Compromise–And We’re All Doomed

“The one thing that you need to understand about Trump is that he is, at his core, a con man with no empathy,” Matthew Chapman wrote on Twitter Friday. “He assumes that all other people are also con men with no empathy, and every exchange of goods and services that exists in the world is, on some level, a con.”

He adds as a disclaimer, “Opinions are my own.”

Matthew Chapman’s twitter bio describes him as a game programmer, national political writer at Shareblue Media and a board member at Dems Work 4 USA.  Chapman graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Read on for his full Trump analysis:


Chapman’s Twitter rant consists of twelve tweets, many of which have garnered over 3,000 likes. They’ve also earned him a fan base, with hundreds of people supporting his statements on social media.

H/T: Twitter