Another ‘Queer Eye’ Couple Just Tied The Knot

The Fab Five stole everyone’s hearts this February when Netflix launched its reboot of the Bravo reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This 2018 version features five fabulous men who specialize in different aspects of life. Antoni Porowski specializes in food and drink, Tan France  takes care of the wardrobe, Jonathan Van Ness focuses on grooming, Karamo Brown is the culture expert, and Bobby Berk provides home (and workplace) designs. 

But this reboot is aptly name Queer Eye, dropping its forefather’s “…for the Straight Guy” because, *spoiler alert*, not all of their subjects are straight. In fact, the recipient of Episode 4’s makeover,  AJ Brown, brought us all to tears as he faced his fears of coming out to his step-mother. His brave decision was met with love and support, and in February AJ and his boyfriend Drey announced their engagement! Well, AJ has brought us to tears AGAIN with his announcement that he and Drey are married!! 

Twitter is, once again, showering the happy couple with love and support, remembering how special AJ’s episode was.

Other fans skipped their tears of joy and talked about just how Fabulous the Fab Five looked.

But whether it’s tearful romance or fabulous fashion that gets you going, AJ and Drey’s wedding is the perfect news to kick off this #PrideMonth!