Benedict Cumberbatch Leaps Into Action To Save A Cyclist From A Group Of Muggers

Attention Cumberb*tches! Our hero is at it again, but this time IRL. 

Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch was riding in an Uber and saw a delivery guy on his bike getting mugged. According to his driver, Manuel Dias, “Benedict’s a superhero”. Dias goes on to call the actor, “courageous, brave and selfless” and said he believed the cyclist would have otherwise been seriously injured. Cumberbatch responded to reporters claiming that he isn’t a hero and saying, “I did it out of, well, I had to, you know.”

As if he wasn’t already adored, Twitter quickly showed their love and appreciation of the day’s hero.

People can’t help but see his on-screen characters reflected in his actions.

So does life reflect art or does art reflect life? Who knows, but I know which Superhero I’m calling on.