Thrifty People Share Their Genius Tips For Saving Money—And We Wish We Knew Them Sooner

If you don’t have some sort of side-hustle, you should consider yourself lucky. In fact, today’s economy has been dubbed the “gig-economy”. Millenials and Gen X alike have found themselves searching for alternative sources of income. But whatever happened to good, old-fashioned saving? Think you’ve tried everything? Think again.

One of the new tips out there is investing in CDs. No, I’m not talking about the ancestors to digital downloads. CDs are Certificates of Deposit. Think of these as savings accounts that you’re not allowed to touch. Apparently you can get CDs for different cycle lengths. You’re not allowed to touch the money until that cycle is up unless you want to pay a penalty. Once the cycle is up you have the option to cash out your original investment plus a heftier-than-normal chunk of interest OR you can re-invest it back into another CD.

But not everyone thinks they’re the best way.

Some people recommend multiple accounts designated for different things.

In 2018, you can’t be surprised that people are choosing apps to help them boost their savings.

So whether you’re a “set and forget” type, someone who likes to have their finances organized, or you just want your phone to take care of it for you, there are many fantastic ways to save for your future!