Bill Clinton’s Reason For Why He Feels He Wouldn’t Be Elected Now Throws Major Shade At Trump

You’d think the big story about Bill Clinton’s new book, The President is Missing, would actually be the book, but the discussion eventually turned to the current presidency, about which Clinton had quite the snarky comment.

During their series of press appearances about their new book, Clinton and co-author James Patterson discussed everything from the book itself to the grim future of democracy to President Trump. When it got to that last one, Clinton threw some great, underhanded shade. At one point, the conversation turns to Clinton’s opinion on running in today’s political climate, to which he responds, “I couldn’t be elected now because I don’t like embarrassing people the way Trump does.” 

A comment like that can go one of two ways, but if you guessed that it was turned back against the former president, then you know your internet well. Many people didn’t take kindly to Clinton’s statement, with some saying, “He couldn’t be elected now because people found out what a scum he really is” and “But he doesn’t mind embarrassing himself.” 

It’s getting more difficult to have any criticism of the current presidency without stepping in front of a firing squad of right-wing champions. Though it’s worth noting that the climate was just as defensive, albeit less volatile, with the Obama presidency. 

In the wake of Clinton’s comment about Trump, people were quick to remind him of his indiscretions in office which, admittedly, were a little embarrassing for the nation. 

He later followed up his shade with even more shade by stating, “My mother woulda whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time bad mouthing people like this.” That didn’t go over well either.

Those comments weren’t the only mention of Donald Trump, either. The President is Missing kicks off with a discussion about impeachment, and when asked why, Patterson responds very plainly with, “No reason.” 

During the Q&A, Clinton did have something to say about the potential for impeachment with Trump, and it’s not a great sign: “If it were a Democratic president and these facts were present, most people I know in Washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already,” Clinton explained. 

The President is Missing is Clinton’s first novel and follows a thrilling tale of a White House in danger, especially when the President is connected with espionage and cyberterror before vanishing from the public eye. 

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