Daughter Teaches Her Flabbergasted Mom How To Recreate Her Optical Illusion Viral Video

You’ve probably seen one of the crazier video trends making its rounds on Instagram and Twitter, where people appear to be “driving away.” Well, spoiler alert, there’s a trick to it, and when Twitter user Jaylynn Malone’ (@ebonypotatohead) mother was left dumbfounded by the video, her sister gave away the big secret.

It’s a silly, harmless trend where the subject of the video “drives” off camera. At first glance, it looks like they are pulled off screen by someone else, but as Malone’s sister showed their mother, it’s actually even less complex than that.

In a series of Tweets, Malone’s sister shows their mother how to perform the trick after she describes her reaction to the original video. “I watched it, I was like… ‘what the f*ck?’,” the matriarch reacted to the magical video.

Malone’s sister then breaks it down for their mother step-by-step, revealing that all it is is a reversed video of the subject kicking themselves off a nearby solid object. Observe the process at work in these two tweets:

After being put into reverse, this is the end product the Malone family was left with:

It’s a bunch of tomfoolery, but you can bet that it’s spreading like wildfire. Tommy Jones (@im_a_cokeboy) commented on the original video, asking for the secret to “make [his] moms proud today.”

Following the series of instructional videos, Malone’s posts became flooded with other people’s attempts at the trickery. They range from a little rough (but valiant efforts) to spot on, complete with added gestures to look more authentic. 

While Malone’s original video series of her mother and her sister is fun to watch, it’s the responses that wind up stealing the show. We can’t help but laugh at TheRedFallows (@theredfallows) very-90’s television reference.

Then again, it appears all lighthearted and fun, but, as some have pointed out, maybe there’s something sinister at play.

It’s moments like these that remind us the internet isn’t just a playground for the detestable. There is still good, wholesome fun to be out there, and sometimes all it takes is a fun-loving family and a stupid trick of technology to remind us

H/T: Twitter