Lin-Manuel Miranda Just Went To His 20-Year High School Reunion—And Uncovered A Secret

Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame endured the awkwardness of his 20-year high school reunion and tweeted his experience, which included stumbling upon a blast from his past. Miranda dragged along his wife, attorney Vanessa Nadal, on his trip back in time.

It started at an art studio in Queens, with Miranda trying to make sense of New York’s confusing streets and explaining his choice of attire.

Once he arrived at the reunion, his nerves jittery at the thought of friends from his childhood being completely different, he quickly found that all his worrying was for nothing.

Among the old friends he connected with was Irulan Wilson, who is recognizable from MTV’s Real World: Vegas

The real twist of the evening, however, came when Miranda happened upon an old copy of the school newspaper. At the start of his thread of tweets, Miranda mentioned he and Vanessa went to the same school, though Vanessa was two years younger. He jokes she “didn’t know I was alive back then. OR DID SHE?! Little did I know I’d find out LATER THAT NIGHT.”

He’s sure to show off a snippet of his article, but also points out that, above his humor piece titled “That Girl may Be Poison, But She Sure Can Shake Her Rump,” is an article written by Vanessa.

Even more surprising is that Vanessa’s piece mentions Miranda by name. As the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright puts it, the article “is incontrovertible proof that she knew I was alive in high school.”

H/T: Twitter