Melania Trump Finally Reemerges After Disappearing From Public View For 24 Days

Melania Trump, who has been recovering from surgery, returned to her official duties after being out of the public eye for 24 days. The First Lady attended an event at the White House to honor Gold Star families, the relatives of U.S. soldiers who died in battle. The event was closed to the press.

People have been wondering where FLOTUS had disappeared to after her short hospital stay. The speculation was mostly in good fun, a way for people to entertain themselves while dealing with the constant flipping of information coming from the White House. 

Melania apparently wasn’t seeing the humor in the “Where’s Melania?” game when she posted this tweet:

Melania’s press secretary called it “nonsense”:

Donald Trump made a few jokes about his wife’s “disappearance.”

We are happy FLOTUS has recovered and can continue with her Be Best campaign. 

H/T: ABC News