Mother And Son Get Nasty Surprise As Airplane Dumps Liquid Poo Right Into Their Car Sunroof ????

You know what they say: When it rains, it pours! Unfortunately for Susan Allan and her son Travis Sweet, when it rained, it poured human excrement. The British Columbia family were sitting in their car at a stoplight when feces showered down on them.

We’ve all heard of fish and “star jelly” raining down, but liquid feces may be a new one to add to the list of oddities. While Susan and Travis may be scarred by the incident, there is a plausible explanation to account for their brown encounter. 

According to Allan, the pair watched as the excrement fell from the sky just as a large passenger plane flew overhead. Travis vividly recalls the incident, saying that he felt the cold liquid on his face and shoulder and, “Then the smell hit my nose.” He followed up by admitting “I almost vomited instantly. It was terrible.”

As if having feces rain down on you isn’t bad enough, the Canadian woman suffered from conjunctivitis in both of her eyes. Allan reported the incident to Kelowna Airport in hopes of getting some answers, but an administrator for Transport Canada said that an investigation would be opened to determine the possibility of frozen lavatory waste falling from an aircraft.

Transport Canada confirmed that aircraft are equipped with an enclosed sewage tank that is only emptied at designated facilities, but there are few causes for human feces falling from the sky beyond an airplane. Kelowna International Airport spoke to CTV News and said it believes the liquid fell from one of three planes flying over the area at the time. 

In an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Allan stated, “I feel they should compensate me for the injuries. What if it had let go in a big chunk? What if it went through my son’s head and killed him? What if it came through my head and killed me?” 

While Allan waits for some form of compensation, the family worked to try and clean the car, eventually using bleach, peroxide, and Calvin Klein One to get rid of that sewage smell.

The pair weren’t the only receptors of human excrement, either. In 2015, a family reported a birthday party was interrupted by raining feces.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter