Intense Video Shows Former Marine Catching Baby Thrown From Burning Building

An apartment fire in South Carolina forced a mother to throw her 11-month-old baby outside a second-floor window and into the arms of a former U.S. Marine. The man said he does want praise for what he did and has decided to remain anonymous.

The flames tore through Ashford Cove apartments on Tuesday around 8pm, and multiple firetrucks and firefighters raced to the scene to help. Speaking about what caused the fire, Travis Poore, a spokesman for the Anderson Fire Department, said, “It was definitely unintentional. We are so glad that the baby was gotten out without significant injuries.”

The man who caught the baby once it was thrown out of the window was not a firefighter, but a neighbor, and a former Marine.

Assistant Fire Chief Michael Guest told the Independent Mail:

He said he just did what he had to do.

The outlet added that both the child and mother are safe at this time.

Poore said, “This could have been much, much worse. We are grateful that it wasn’t.”

Videos of the fire, and the man catching the young boy, spread quickly on social media.

Many people responded to the former Marine’s actions by commending his heroism:

H/T: Twitter, Independent Mail