Video Of A Deer Jumping Through A Glass Door Is Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Bambi finally gets his revenge.

If this were a teaser trailer for a killer deer horror movie, that would probably be the tagline. Instead, however, this is real life and the owner of the house that a deer decided to break into probably isn’t laughing. Or excited about a potential killer deer movie.

Video footage captured by Twitter user Kennedy Maureen Polk shows a deer crashing into her aunt’s house in Muncie, IN. She started filming when she thought she saw a “big dog” meandering in her aunt’s front yard.

As seen in the video, the deer nonchalantly strolls along before deciding, for whatever reason, to leap through a front window. 

Polk’s reaction pretty much matches the internet’s: pure shock.

Not too shocked to whip out a few puns, though. 

Polk’s video has garnered a lot of attention, amassing upwards of 229,000 likes and more than 700 comments. We came for the video, but we stayed for the comedy gold Twitter users are guaranteed to give us.

When Animal Control arrived at the scene, chances are they had to get a little rough to keep the doe at bay.

Then we got a glimpse of the possible reactions of any innocent bystanders just enjoying their time at home when Bambi came crashing in:

At least one user captured the pivotal moment when the deer wanted to make sure he had an audience before committing his dastardly deed.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is that Polk never updated with her aunt’s reaction, which would have been priceless.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter