McDonalds’ Reason For Adding More Kiosk Ordering Has Us Second Guessing Our Orders

Oh, you thought those touch-screen kiosks were installed in McDonald’s locations for your convenience? Silly consumer! Of course, the fast food chain would benefit far more than you, which is why it plans on releasing more of them to thousands of stores nationwide. If you haven’t seen them yet, you definitely will.

According to McDonald’s own CEO, Steve Easterbrook, the reason for the increase in kiosk use is simple: “What we are finding is when people dwell more, they tend to select more.” He followed up by admitting, “There is a little bit of an average check boost that comes with it.”

It makes sense, right? You don’t have somebody staring at you, impatiently waiting for you to spout out your order. Instead, you just flip through a menu, and just like with food commercials, the pictures of the food look oh-so-tempting.

A poll performed by MSN, however, may contradict Easterbrook’s optimism about the kiosks. The study found that 78% of customers are less likely to even enter a restaurant that only has a self-service kiosk. That may be why most McDonald’s locations are keeping the option to order at a counter.  

That, and technology isn’t always the most reliable option.

McDonald’s is planning on rolling out kiosks to 1,000 stores each quarter over the next two years. While it sounds like a push away from using human servers, Easterbrook assures that the kiosks won’t replace the fast-food restaurant’s human workers.

Some headlines from certain sources, however, will have you thinking differently. Let’s just see how this one plays out, especially as McDonald’s is also looking to roll out a delivery option and the ability to order via smartphone in the future.

While it looks like a push toward a tech-centric business model, fully automating the process, as MSN found, would turn off a large customer base and not be fruitful for the future of the fast-food industry.

H/T: USA Today, Twitter