Virgin Trains Is Savagely Clapping Back At People Who Challenge The Need For LGBT+ Pride

June marks LGBT+Pride Month, which means that companies are starting to outwardly show their support for the LGBT+ community. Whether it be by displaying rainbow colored flags on their profile pictures or voicing their support through a tweet, companies have found many ways to express that they are allies.

Including UK’s Virgin East Coast Trains:

Recently, the train company not only changed their profile picture to include a rainbow, but started using colorful Pride-themed trains.

This has been a bit controversial, with many slamming the company for being so inclusive. But a Virgin employee known only as KM is here to save the day.

KM has responded to these harsh comments with their own clap backs. 


As you might imagine, KM now has their own fan base online:

When Indy 100 reached out to Virgin, asking for a comment, they said:

“Virgin Trains are proud champions of equality and our Pride trains operating on our east and west coast routes are a wonderful celebration of sexual and gender diversity both in our workforces and in the communities we serve.” 

But we finally did get to meet KM thanks to a Facebook post on Friday:

Well played, Virgin Trains, let’s hope more brands follow your lead.

H/T: Indy100, Facebook