‘Billions’ Showrunner Recounts The Time A Relative Pitched A Bad Movie Idea At His Mother’s Funeral

Brian Koppelman, film and TV writer, producer, and showrunner (currently of Showtime’s Billions) took to Twitter on Wednesday to recount his Mother’s funeral. As you can imagine, his Tweets are painful…but not how you would imagine.

You see, the day his Mother passed away, Koppelman was sitting on his parent’s front porch with his Father to escape the already full house of mourners. Suddenly a distant relative-by-marriage, Allan, appeared and decided that he had found the opportune time to pitch Koppelman his “humdinger” of a movie idea. Koppelman refused to hear it, but after being pestered he agreed to listen to the pitch after the shiva ended (period of Jewish mourning). 

Literally the minute the family completed the traditions of shiva, Koppelman found himself once again face-to-face with Allan. Sure enough, the pitch was underwhelming.  

As Koppelman’s story unfolded, Twitter was shocked at the gall some people have.

But the reactions when the “humdinger” was finally revealed really take the cake.

Some people just don’t get it.

H/T – Twitter