This Well-Mannered Dog Politely Eating Watermelon Is The Best Way To Kick Off Summer

Cheshire the dog is here to steal your heart. The adorable canine’s owner posted a video of him eating watermelon to Twitter yesterday, and the way he eats with such refined manners has everyone ROTFL.

Cheshire takes slow, steady bites of the watermelon, making sure his teeth don’t get too close to his owner’s hands. His focus, and restrained nature are just too adorable, and have everyone wanting to see more.

He even knows not to eat the rind!

People on social media have absolutely lost their minds over the adorable watermelon-eating-dog.

Others have thanked Cheshire’s owner for uploading the video and brightening their day:

If you’re worried about Cheshire’s health, don’t! According to Buzzfeed, the American Kennel Club says yes; it’s healthy for dogs to eat watermelon. Grapes, however, are very bad for puppies.

So far, Cheshire has garnered over 409,267 likes on Twitter, and 148,291 retweets. And that number, unsurprisingly, is only growing.

H/T: Twitter