Video Shows 8-Foot Alligator Knocking Trapper Unconscious With One Big Headbutt ????

While most of us would run the other direction if we came across a nine-foot-long alligator on the street, the sight isn’t totally foreign to Floridians. And trapping, or capturing, these creatures is just another day in the lives of those whose job it is to get rid of them.

Usually, trappers tap the head of the creature to disorient it before taking it away.  (Often times, according to Indy100, trappers go on to sell the alligator’s meat and hide for money.) Things didn’t quite go as planned for this group of trappers, though. After tapping the head of the huge creature, it reared its long face, head-butting one trapper. He was knocked out for several seconds.

In the video below, you can see the trapper clearly tapping the gator’s head.

Although they aren’t a completely uncommon sight in Florida, alligator attacks can still be deadly. On Saturday, a search team located the body of a woman in South Florida who went missing while walking her dogs on Friday evening. A necropsy confirmed that the cause of death was an alligator bite. CBS News writes that officials reportedly found an arm inside the reptile.

Fatal attacks by alligators are not terribly common. According to USA Today, who obtained their statistics from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,  a fatal attack in 2015 marked the first in over eight years. “According to state records on fatalities and injuries caused by alligator attacks, there have been multiple years-long stretches in Florida where there were no fatal attacks.”

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