CBS Censored Robert De Niro’s Tony Awards Introduction For Bruce Springsteen—Here’s What He Said

As an actor Robert De Niro is known for taking tough roles head on. Sunday night’s 72nd Annual Tony Awards was no exception, where the Oscar winner took on the President of the United States during his introduction of rocker Bruce Springsteen’s performance. 

Unfortunately for viewers at home, the censors at CBS were quick enough to bleep De Niro’s comments. 

But #NoFOMO here! Outlets on the scene documented those words and released them online shortly after, so we could all have the pleasure of rejoicing in his headline making speech.

The video below is bleeped, but you can watch it as you read the actor’s viral words:

I just want to say one thing: Fuck Trump. It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s fuck Trump.

Variety was among the first outlets to confirm De Niro’s comments.

After the theater erupted in applause and a standing ovation, the actor continued, praising Springsteen’s activism with this message:

In these perilous times, you rock the vote, always fighting for truth, transparency and integrity in government. Boy, do we need that now! 

But it wasn’t only the audience at New York’s Radio City Music Hall that appreciated his comments. Twitter was also supportive of De Niro:

De Niro’s jabs were not something folks running production at the awards show were expecting, but they were prepared:

At least one bit of uncensored video of De Niro’s rant is still making the rounds on Twitter:

Melanie had a reminder for Trump supporters who found De Niro’s exercise in free speech offensive: 

H/T: Twitter, HuffPost