Stephen Colbert And Patrick Wilson Sang The Star Spangled Banner—And It Was Actually Really Good

When an actor and a comic talk show host come together to sing the national anthem, you may not expect a great performance. At best, it may be done in respectful jest, unlike Roseanne Barr’s performance in 1990. That wasn’t the case when Stephen Colbert and Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Insidious) took to the field during a Mets-Yankees game in New York City.

If you thought Wilson and Colbert were talented before, wait until you hear their rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”:

Do you need help picking your jaw off the floor? Not only was it good but the two are so in tune with each other that the duet neared perfection. Who knew The Late Show host Stephen Colbert had such a nice singing voice? Wilson’s ability to belt out a tune has been no secret since his portrayal of Raoul in 2005’s The Phantom of the Opera.

Viewers were stunned:

Senior NHL Analyst Justin Bourne called it “the best performance of the anthem he’s ever heard” while Twitter user Radit (@radityaapradana) described them as a “dynamic duo.”

Yes, it was easy to overlook Colbert’s glaring fashion faux pas:

And the praise kept flowing:

But if there’s a chance to take a jab at President Trump, at least one person will take it:

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter