The Internet Has Been Completely Traumatized By ‘Hereditary’—And We Totally Get It

Horror movies are a staple of the cinematic experience but it’s rare for one to impact audiences the way Hereditary has since its release last week. The film has been traumatizing viewers with a slow-burn horror experience amplified by the impeccable acting of Toni Collette and young breakout star Milly Shapiro. 

Just how horrifying is Hereditary? Twitter user Jesse Knight recalled a woman in the audience who was so scared that, as the credits rolled, she yelled at her friends, who clearly dragged her to a horror experience.

Hereditary currently sits at an 87% on Metacritic, making it another horror smash hit following John Krasinski’s surprising A Quiet Place. So far, it’s been a good year for the horror genre, with two successful movies—though it seems Hereditary is affecting audiences a bit more than the mostly dialogue-free A Quiet Place

John Squires, managing editor of Bloody Disgusting, had plenty to say about one scene:

In the plethora of reviews, one common theme is that the film sticks with you well after the credits have run their course.

Twitter user Topo Chica (@classyxale) echoed that sentiment:

Ruben Salvadori, engagement editor at The Verge, has advice for people who have seen Hereditary:

And some people were so affected by the movie that they just want to step away from it permanently:

Even people that have yet to see the film are anticipating sleepless nights or are afraid to try to see it alone:

This one is sure to be freaking out viewers for months and even years to come.

H/T: Mashable